We Specialize in Hospitality WiFi.

Our clients range from a large marina, a 20 story condo building to a small family run motel.  As importantly, our clients understand that vendors relationships are partnerships where both client and vendor operate in unison under one simple and common goal: to provide an amazing guest experience.


Experience and Reliability

Anthony Deutsch Internet Technology provides service to thousands of end-users daily through our relationships with property managers and condo boards.  We know what it takes to get your wired or wireless guest networking job done, and done right.



 Our Professional Services is focused on what we can do for our customers to make sure your network infrastructure refresh, upgrade, add-on or overhaul goes right from the start. The WiFi Access Points are only as good as the network they are connected to.  Out team will make sure you have the right service from your internet service provider.

As the network becomes more and more critical to running your business, it becomes that much more important to ensure you have the right hardware to meet today and tomorrow’s demands. From assessments to full-scale implementation plans, Our Professional Services network experts have years of experience optimizing wireless networks for businesses.


Email: anthonywdeutsch@gmail.com  Call or text me at 609-972-9021